Hi, I’m Christopher

I grew up in the countryside in the south of Sweden. If I weren’t outside building tree houses or digging dams I was inside digging through the bucket of Lego. Through the years, the projects and interests have shifted in specific but the general interest in the creative process has remained. Way too large speakers, Tesla coils, amplifiers, rocket engines, furniture and much more. Most of them are gone or harvested for parts, I enjoy the process more than the result. And most times immediately after finishing a project I want to remake it with all the new knowledge I got doing it.

School taught me electronics construction and production, but ever since I bought my first 3D printer (a PP3DP UP! in 2009) 3D CAD and mechanics have been my major interest. I do most of my daily work as a mechanical designer but dabbles in electronic construction or whatever the task needs. Ceramics has also kept my interest for many years now and I attend a weekly class. It is nice to work with the clay after a day behind the screen.

If you’re reading this, it’s possible that like me, you enjoy cooking up weird and wonderful creations in your garage, secret underground lab or wherever you feel comfortable. Please share your knowledge in the comments or contact me directly. There´s always an open slot for new projects 😉